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Repton School is a very special place to study. Founded in 1557, our co-educational school is an integral part of the village of Repton in South Derbyshire.With around 650 pupils aged 13-18 years old, the school is large enough to create a ‘buzz’ but small enough for all to flourish and to know one another. We have ten Boarding houses and all meals are taken within them, further reinforcing the family and caring atmosphere.
Academic work is at the heart of what we do and our overall aim is to allow each pupil to develop his or her potential to the maximum. Each year around 10% of pupils are offered places at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

Repton is recognised as one of the top sporting schools in the UK and excels at Hockey, Football, Tennis and Cricket. The School also has very strong Music and Art departments and an outstanding record in Drama. Repton’s education addresses the whole person through a rich balance of the three primary facets of school life: the educational, the pastoral and the co-curricular.

When I first visited Repton, I was struck by the warmth and purposefulness of the staff and pupils that I encountered. This was an educational family of which I wanted to be a part. Having been in post now for over a year, I have grown to understand how this warmth is central to the work of the school. Repton is a truly happy place to work and study. Happy environments create pupils who are confident and well-balanced, and therefore best-placed to thrive. Academically, culturally, and in sports, our pupils do just that.

Reptonians possess a great variety of talents and ambitions, some of them as yet undiscovered: with care and professionalism, my colleagues and I develop these talents. What is Repton all about? Repton stands for its Values, provides an education that is rooted in and prepares for the Real World and keeps in mind Heritage, both the one it benefits from and the one it leaves for the next generation.