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Northwood College for Girls part of a phenomenal team of inspirational, forward-thinking and fiercely dedicated educators, all of whom work hard to provide a centre of excellence. Each lesson and extra-curricular activity is designed to craft, inspire and develop the optimum future for our young women.We ignite curiosity and imagination, and encourage our young women to embrace knowledge and discovery. We prepare our students to face the world with courage, confidence and ambition, ready for the challenges beyond school.

Northwood College for Girls passionate about instilling a strong moral compass in young people. I want our young women to act with compassion and integrity, with respect for other people and the environment. Our girls are thoughtful about different approaches to social and spiritual issues and appreciative of culture, context and community.

Our pupils exceed academic expectations. We achieve this by consistently tracking, assessing, supporting and challenging each girl. Our individualised learning programmes, and innovative pedagogical techniques, equip them with the most effective learning systems. We teach our young women how to think effectively: to think smart, think independently, think analytically, think creatively and to ultimately become a master in agile and critical thinking.

  • Carrie Hope Fletcher – Professional YouTuber, and known for her role as Éponine in Les Misérables.
  • Baroness Vadera – Chairwoman of Santander UK (March 2015—), British investment banker and former government minister (2007-2009).